The Last Bastion.

Welcome to Bastion the Last City. After the Demon wars ravaged the lands, one lone city survived, now years later civilization has begun to rebound and expand. Explorers, adventurers and problem solvers are needed to reclaim and resettle this rugged world. Do you have what it takes.Stronghold.png

The Elevator Pitch:

A world without elves, WTH? A demon war swept across the land over a century ago during this time several races were presumed destroyed or just went up missing. The war nearly destroyed civilization as we know it and mankind has slowly been rebuilding. Some area’s so torn up by magical combat to this day, do not support magic anymore or if they do, it is chancy and tends to go awry. The game will start off at Fort Caldwell where the players will be working for a noble-woman with a charter to explore and settle.


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